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Spring Camp 2015

**Note: Worship and Preaching portions will be recorded separately. The Video signal will become inactive for approximately 2-3 minutes during this transition. Simply refresh your Internet browser to begin watching our service again.

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 We at Eagle Worldwide Ministries have a heart for revival, a passion for holiness, and a desire to see the glory of the Lord poured out upon the nations. There is a cry in the heart of God today, calling forth a prophetic generation that will bow its knee to the Lord and the Lord alone. The trumpet has sounded and the plumb line has dropped, as God is bringing forth a mighty army; preparing warriors to take His power to the ends of the world in miracles, signs and wonders. If you have a heart for the nations and a heart for revival; if you can hear the cry of God for holiness in this hour, then join us in prayer, and dig a little deeper in your own heart. Explore our website and find out more about us. Now is the time; this is the hour.

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